Tamura has engineered some of the most automated and advanced manufacturing facilities in the business. With production locations in the Czech Republic, Japan, China, Mexico and Malaysia, Tamura offers our customers a wide range of capabilities, services, and low cost alternatives to fit their needs. Our production facilities produce over One Million items a day as members of a vertically integrated team supporting each other with products from raw materials to completed assemblies.


Picture of the production in Znojmo - Czech Republic

Since the founding of Tamura Corporation in Japan in 1924 up to the present day, we have always tried to grow and improve our capabilities and performance by working towards our Mission Statement: «We will always strive to contribute to Society by producing excellent products».

Tamura Corporation, a partner of the major names in the electronics manufacturing industry, is a specialist in the design and manufacture of transformers and inductors, as well as linear and switch mode power supplies and adaptors.
Our European organisation offers you local technical and commercial support, together with competitive pricing achieved from our production sites in central Europe and south-east Asia.